OiNK Admin Found Not Guilty, Walks Free

Lawyers have presented their final arguments in the trial of Alan Ellis. The prosecution slammed the ex-OiNK admin, saying that the site was set up with dishonest and profiteering intentions right from the start. The defense tore into IFPI and countered by calling Ellis... 

Use PHP to Fetch an Album Artwork From Amazon

It’s actually pretty easy once you find out how to do it. By having the artist and album name you can fetch the album artwork from Amazon in three different sizes. With php5 it’s very easy since it has an integrated xml parser. All we have to do is this:  Read More →

Epic News: Faith No More are Back!

I was listening to Epic when I got a message on Facebook. Went to read it and the title freaked me out. Yes, you read the post title right, Faith No More are back. After some time not playing, Mike Bordin, Roddy Bottum, Bill Gould, Jon Hudson and Mike Patton obviously... 

Former SENTENCED Guitarist And Main Songwriter MIIKA TENKULA Dead At 35 – Feb. 19, 2009

May he rest in peace. Sentenced were great, I always hoped they would do some new gigs together but.. seems it isn’t going to happen. Miika Tenkula, the lead guitarist and main songwriter of the acclaimed Finnish band SENTENCED, passed away earlier today at... 

Coldplay – Life In Technicolor II (video)

Another great video from Coldplay. And the song is also great.. if you missed it, it’s from the new EP Prospekt’s March that came out at the end of November 2008. Buy it now! Enjoy watching!  Read More →