Windows Live Messenger 2011 (v 15) Beta

I decided to write a post with some screenshots as it changed quite a bit.. and I have to say it’s becoming sexier at every update they make. And it’s becoming VERY social, as you can connect it with Failbook and MySpace in a few clicks (you get prompted to do so).

The Sign In screen:

Get Social:

Welcome screen:

The MySpace login screen (haven’t tried Failbooks):

The new WLM full view, featuring news from your myspace or failbook contacts, photos, statuses etc:

And the compact version (very similar to the old one except I find it cleaner):

The conversation windows (note they are tabbed by default):

New emoticons (the old one were nicer IMO, maybe I’m just used to them):

New sharing in the conversation:

And that’s about it, I think it’s what’s changed. I didn’t see the OneCare options for antivirus checking of received files so maybe that’s been removed (I hope so).

I also can’t seem to find where to change my nick (as you can see it’s nasal Kovac which was my nick + my surname and I’m really not sure where to change this, no option in the options but a button that connects me to the page… whooot).

So that’s about it, download it and try it out. There’s also the apatch patch ready for it, which I’m trying to install now.


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