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Last edit: 17. july 2011

Hello dear reader!

I’m Rudi, a 24 year young mister. I live in the beautiful Slovenija and study computer science in Koper. I started blogging in the 2005 but stopper later because I was lazy. I have then repeated the process and here I am now, writing my blog again.

I write about whatever comes into my mind but lately my posts are mostly related to web developing, programming and search engine optimization, since this is what I’m focussed in right now (instead of studying, stupid me).

I am an amateur photographer and I own my precious Canon EOS 5 (without the D) and a Canon EOS 350D. When I’m in the mood I take one of those out with me and take some shots (lately I’m a bit lazy even for this). If you are wondering if everything I shoot is nature, you’re wrong :D I also know how to photograph concerts, events and people. Some of my photos got even published in newspapers and on the web. Feel free to visit my deviantART gallery.

I’m also a trickster and know how to do backflips, frontflips, sideflips, double legs, butterfly twists (yeah, that’s me) and this kind of stuff, so if you want any tip, feel free to ask. Oh yeah, I’m so cool.

(not so) Recent pictures of me

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M: nasal at live dot jp
E: nasalchy at gmail dot com


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The links under here used to work as thunbs once but now they don’t so there’s only the link and some text in slovenian. If you want, click them.

Tukaj jem pašto na letališču v Londonu.. ni bla niti slaba :)

Tukaj sm končal papat sendviček ki nam ga je đery pripravu.. mstn je bil, ja.

Zbujen mal prej, nepobrit in mi ni blo neki preveč jasno :D

Vojak! Sm spil sokec sestri in je bla pol jezna.. /me is :evil:

Tukaj šivam majčko z neko pranono.. zgledam morilec a? :D

Js sm.. ni me :P sm slikal js :)

Učim se plesat irski ples.. punca nej bla slaba ne :P

After Halloween party.. js sm na levo, umes Gasper, desno Mirjana in spodaj moja sestra!

Js in moja sestrica pančkava (kao)