Google+ invites and blahblah

So, hello again!

After a long time here comes another post on this lonely blog, and I kind of thought about rere(re)*re-starting to write more regularly, maybe complain about the world, so I don’t bother people that don’t care directly and give the chance to comment my thoughts to other haters like me. Or something. I think I am becoming stupid and don’t know how to write in English any more so excuse me for my mistakes.

And maybe it is time for a redesign and a separate domain as I see some of the posts are still being read quite a lot and maybe it would help grabbing a nice name somehow related to me or something. Maybe my name + surname to show off a little bit? Why am I still writing this?

Anyway, as the post title is suggesting I am on G+ and can invite you, in case you still didn’t manage to join us 31337 h4x9rz (it is still closed right? I don’t even know that). Post a comment or send me an email (via the page) with your mail so I can invite you.

So that was it for now, I could write something about Windows 8 or my new Samsung Omnia 7 (running the beta Windows 7.5 Mango release) but I guess I will do it tomorrow.

Have a great day!

PS: feel free to check my page. It is kind of lame but who cares right? I am lame.
PPS: happy wifi day! (8.02.11 for American date style)

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