Former SENTENCED Guitarist And Main Songwriter MIIKA TENKULA Dead At 35 – Feb. 19, 2009

May he rest in peace. Sentenced were great, I always hoped they would do some new gigs together but.. seems it isn’t going to happen. :(

Miika Tenkula, the lead guitarist and main songwriter of the acclaimed Finnish band SENTENCED, passed away earlier today at the age of 35.

Nalle Österman (GANDALF, LULLACRY, CHAOSBREED) told BLABBERMOUTH.NET, “It’s true, confirmed personally by [former SENTENCED] drummer Vesa Ranta.

“The fact remains that Miika had a serious drinking problem for many years which escalated after SENTENCED was buried. They don’t call it King Alcohol for nothing…

“The metal scene in Finland mourns now for one of the most talented metal guitarists to ever emerge from [the country].”

The official cause of Miika’s death has not yet been released.

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