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Shots from MeA3akla

So here they are.. i made the gallery only from those made me or with me on them.. if you’d like to see all of them (like 600? ) write a comment or contact me via msn Gallery  Read More →

Snegfest 2007

A day later but it still counts as it existed, right? Yesterday, the 8th of February 2007, we went to Piancavallo with KA?OK (student club of Koper). A snow trip was organized, with some competitions and a lot of alcohol, more than any other thing I didn’t drink... 

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Tako, dodal sm kategorijo fotke v katero bom dajal svoje slikice, katere sm posnel v preteklosti (pa mogo??e bom tudi v prihodnosti ) Naj za??nem s par slikicami z irske letos: A?koda, da nisem razporedil barv ??opo vrstnem redu???, imam sicer A!e eno sliko v kateri... 

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