Snegfest 2007

A day later but it still counts as it existed, right?

Yesterday, the 8th of February 2007, we went to Piancavallo with KA?OK (student club of Koper). A snow trip was organized, with some competitions and a lot of alcohol, more than any other thing :D

I didn’t drink a lot because i didn’t want to but i took a lot of photos, thing that i stopped doing because i had no motivation lately.. too bad :P

I must admit i really had a great time and i think i have to that Zala more than any other, since she was the one i broke the balls the most :D She really is a good girl :D \o/

The big air competition really saw some good air tricks, which i couldn’t capture well with the camera because i am totally unprofessional and noob..

If you want to check some pics anyway, click here to check the page.

If you recognize yourself (hah?) send me a mail or msn message with the name of the picture.

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