Make Your Titles Dynamic with PHP

Make Your Titles Dynamic with PHP

When developing your website, if you want to rank well in search engines it is crucial that you use different titles for every sub-page you’ve got online. This is because these search engines (Google, MSN etc) love your titles and categorize your site based on them. This is good for SEO.

This is a simple thing to accomplish using PHP but it really is very effective. I will put dumb text into them but you should use titles rich with keywords related to your niche.

$title = 'Welcome to our website!';
if (key($_REQUEST) == 'register') { $title = 'Register now'; }
if (key($_REQUEST) == '404') { $title = 'Error 404: The page is unavailable'; }
if (key($_REQUEST) == 'about') { $title = 'Who we are, what we do'; }
if (key($_REQUEST) == 'news') { $title = 'Recent news'; }

This would work if you are using urls like, ?news etc. What it does is set a variable $title which will include the text your define according to the page we are watching. Now we need to display it in our browser.

    <title><?= $title; ?> - Your Company Name</title>

Pretty easy, isn’t it?

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Have swing!

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