Let's Make A Website Together

Let's Make A Website Together

I thought about a nice and simple project.. I will write a step by step tutorial on how to create a simple website. Why? Because I’m bored and don’t know what to do in my free time.

I will show you how to design a simple layout with CSS and how to use PHP and a MySQL database to make a simple website with news, users and comments.

I will do this in different posts, so be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed or check back often. Posts will be coming daily I guess.. And we will start with a simple design.

I am going to show you the code and explain it step by step so you will understand it clearly (I hope). I will also provide you with examples of course. All you need is a web server with php and mysql installed on it.. You can set this up on your machine using software like xampp (apache, php, mysql and more in one pack, install and your done) or find a web hosting service that will give you the space. I would suggest you Globat since they offer a very cheap and stable service. You will pay about $8 per month for their hosting. As for the domain, you can buy one on Go Daddy (domains for a low price) or sign up for a free account on afraid.org and get yourself a free subdomain.

Edit: I forgot to tell you how I will structure it.. well, no one read the post so it’s no problem :) )

1. This post is the introduction <-- we are here
2. Designing a simple interface in HTML and CSS
3. Use PHP to display page content
4. Setting up the database and connecting the site with it
5. We will add the register, login and logout features
6. We will add the add news, delete news and edit news features
7. Commenting the news
8. Adding features that you suggest (but if I guess right there won’t be many of them).

Hope you will enjoy this project. I will try to make it interesting :)

PS. Ideas are more than welcome. Feel free to add a comment if you have any!

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