Windows Live Messenger 8.1

So finally the new version of WLM is out, and non beta!

What’s new in this version?
- improved compatibility with windows vista
- bug fixes
- 8 new languages (bulgarian, croatian, estonian, latvian, romanian, serbian latin, thai and ukrainian)

That’s it, guess almost all of you used the beta so you know what it’s about :)

Download links: english, slovenian.
Other links: overview at microsoft, mess patch, apatch.

There is actually one more thing: if you use one of these keywords after your nickname:


Microsoft will donate money to organisation, like for searching with their search engine.. When using this you will have a new emoticon which is otherwise hidden :) (to use it just put the whole word with the star after [or before or in between] your nickname)

PS: along with the new messenger version, there is the new version of the Windows homepage, which can be seen here.

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