*updated* Webcam messenger virus

How to remove this virus:
After installing, the virus creates two files on your computer:


To remove it, you must delete both files. As it also makes sure to start up when you boot your computer, you must also remove the entry from the startup list. A guy in his blog suggests Startup Control Panel, but if you don’t want (or can’t) install new software on the machine, go to:

1. press start menu -> run -> type “msconfig” (without quotes)
2. go to the startup tab
3. uncheck updater.exe

Restart your computer and hope it’s cured! :D


I guess it’s a new virus, so if you get it, don’t fall for it.
It looks like this:

contact says:
haha :p http://webcams.somehost.net/watch.php?=your@messenger.mail

It opens up a page like YouTube with a warning on the top that you don’t have Flash installed. If you click there, you are linked to an .exe file which i guess contains a virus.

Good luck!

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