Unlock your banned xbox360 (install to hard disk and use it as media center extender)

Sorry for not writing a lot lately but I don’t have time.

So here it is, the solution to almost of your problems with your banned xbox360! A very simple way to unblock the hard disk and use your xbox360 for whatever thing you’d like, EXCEPT for xbox live.

The solution came from microsoft itself and it’s actually a dashboard update, so you can be sure it works (I tested it myself and it works like a charm!). And one more thing, after updating you will be able to use your usb sticks as memory for your xbox. It will support up to 2 * 16gb usb sticks.

So, what to do? It’s easy:

1. download the update
2. extract the content into the root of your usb stick (or burn a dvd dl) – do not modify the directory tree, just copy the content into the root (it should be a map called something like $SystemUpdate)
3. restart your console
4. you should get a popup asking if you want to update, click yes
5. wait a couple of seconds and your console should reboot
6. that’s it!

This is it, six simple steps to using your console once more!

Remember: you still won’t have access to XBOX LIVE!

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