The easiest 100€ per month you will ever earn

As everyone knows, there is a ton of affilate programs in which you need to be accepted, and it may happen that you wait for a long time and then your site doesn’t get even accepted.

The story is different with the Matched affilate program, where the method for earning 100€ (a little less) per month is actually very easy.

So here it goes:

- Register to Matched as a publisher and you get £5 (6,26€) only for registering (yes, only for taking the time to fill a form).

- Add your website and 5 sub-pages (they don’t need have a lot of visits)

- You can add up to 5 webpages

- In the next 24 hours, you should see a notice saying that they are trying to match an ad to your page. When it’s done you just add their code to your site.

- For every page you earn £3. With a simple calculation, we see that we can earn £3 * 5 * 5 = £75 = 93,98€ every month, practically by doing nothing.

- In yuor account click “Affilates” and in a moment you are an Affilate, get a link to give to your friends so they can register as well. Did I mention that you get £5 for everyone that registers through your link? ;)

I suggest you registering to Matched and giving it a try. You have nothing to lose and a lot to earn :)

If you register with my affilate id, I can return the favor by putting a banner pointing to your site for one month (in the sidebar) or by registering as your affilate. Thank you!

PS. they pay on PayPal

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