See what your job will do to you

Check this page, upload your photo, answer some scientific questions and tadaaam, see what you will become because of your job :D


??oAge-o-Matic??? from lets you load a photograph, answer a few multiple-choice questions and then shows you the results on the same personal photograph, which is digitally altered to include bald pates, wrinkles and grey skin.

??oIf my company was a band, it would be called: The Detestables, The Oi Veys, Hell Co.??? and ??oMy work environment resembles: an armpit, a stinky sock, hell??? are just some of the questions and answers given to site visitors.

You can even send your ??oprofile??? to a friend — or your boss.

Link: age-o-matic

PS: it doesn’t work in firefox 3, it works in ie7 but i don’t know about firefox 2 :)

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