Nasal and sstonka go to Himalaya

Ooook it was not Himalaya, it was SneA3nik :P We are heroes anyway, you know..

So today we took a day off (because we work very hard every day, 12 hours per day of physical and psihological work) and decided to go hiking (not hitchiking :P ).

So we started our tour at 1000, by going to Trieste for some of my business and then our real trip began.. we travelled through some slovenian cities that noone knows and that are not shown in any map, they’re just too lost in the middle of nowhere with funny names.. :D

So after some hours of driving we stopped at SviA!??aki and started our tour.

We dressed as if it was winter (it actually is winter but who know what is happening to the world) but quickly put our clothes off (not all ofc) and took a fast tempo.. military tempo.. :S

As you can see i was still strong here, but my strenght fell a lot because of my inactivity for 1 year and my drinking habits etc.. and you can see as well that i was wearing etnies and it was slippery as hell, really.. :(

Because we are geeks, sstonka started coding some php scripts on the snow.. he got crazy, i think aliens got him!!!!1one

So after writing a ~100 lines long php code with which we could hack in the nasa’s main server, we continued a bit slower then before.. poor me :(

We got hungry during the hike but we couldn’t stop because evil aliens were following us so sstonka stopped eating some snow, he said it tasted like real snow!!!

Ok so after 1hr of walking we saw the peak we wanted to own.. it was very far away and i was already kaputt.. :S

(the second shot is the way we came from, you see, it was sunny!)

So when the path was a little clearer and we came out of the woods, general sstonka decided i can have a 5min break! He really is a good man! He even offered me a bit of his beverage.. how kind of him! But it was really a 5min break and we started walking an even quicker tempo :O

We went a bit higher and saw the sea under us! Or was it fog? I don’t know but it was kewl!! We were so high.. omg!!!1one I saw this thing only from an airplane!! KEWL!!!!

But something strange was happening there.. There was another peak near us and was getting even nearer while we were moving.. did we make a mistake and took another peak as our target? Gosh, general sstonka got lost??! OMG!!! AND: what is the moon doing behind us? Are we so near the moon? Omg i will miss dinner tonight :(

(as you can see, general sstonka is kinda lost in this picture, he didn’t know where to go :D )

So our new peak (which came out to be the real one) became the peak under this lines.. and we were kinda near it, 30min or something.. but with out military tempo we owned it in a shorter period of course..

And then we came at almost the end! I was tired as hell and far behind mr. general, because i had to send some sms’s and mms’s (this was my bonus, he used his to use opera mobile at the start of the trip to see the results of an exam or sth)..

Finally the top! At the top wind was blowing and we had to dress a bit better (this is optional, you can dress if you don’t want to get a cold :) ) and then lunch time!! Yeeey! We ate so much that all the calories we burned by coming up came back :D But who cares? We were victorious!!

And then for the finish, at the bottom, we had a beautiful sunset which i couldn’t capture well :(

So that’s it, our trip to Himalaya.. ups, SneA3nik ended like this (ok we had the way back home, again through those cities in the middle of nowhere :D ) and here i am now, tired as hell.. i’ll sleep like a god today :D

Time used: 1.30h up, 1h down
Calories used: a lot i guess :D
Mood: happy!

All my pictures in my picasaweb album here.
Sstonka’s pictures here.

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