Microsoft vs. The World (I guess)

Microsoft vs. The World (I guess)

So i’ll just put some links inhere and write a bit, but not much, cause I don’t know what to write.

Did you see Microsoft’s new IE8 campaign? They are giving away $10,000 to the one that finds a hidden webpage that can be seen only using their newest browser.

Than, a Mozilla developer (IE’s rival, Firefox), shows Microsoft where that ten grand is buried. (zoom in)

This is just hilarious :D What’s wrong with people? If you check that Microsoft’s page with a browser that is not IE, their site will greet you saying your browser sucks and that you should download their newest one.

I think it’s their fault people are using other browsers. That happened just because they didn’t respect the web standards and then people didn’t care much (they always did but not everyone) optimizing the site for IE. Now they are saying other browsers suck, when their browser sucked more then all of the other browsers will suck together in a hundred years!

And for the finish, take a look at this painting, it’s great.

ie go home!

Have swing!

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