Microshit (post je zdrav za zdravje)

The day Microsoft makes something that doesn’t suck is the day they make a vacuum cleaner.

lets talk
“A typical windows error – in a so-called “dialog” box – some kind of two-way convo that is…”

“Microsoft is also the name of a photocopier company which specialises in copying everything with the name Apple on it. They shot to fame after they began patenting everything copied by them.”

“Microsoft in their endless war against Apple. Last night both sides ran into each other, and thus canceled themselves out, leaving Amiga the winning OS.”

“Windows Titanic 98 – which computer would you like to sink today?”

bill hitler
“Microsoft has influenced many, much to the delight of Bill Hitler.”

Prosim vas, uni ki tega še niste vidli, this is a must see.
Ubistvu je cela UnCyclopedia must see.

Povezava do Microsofta na UnCyclopedii

Sm pa umru od smeha tudi med branjem o naši Sloveniji.. Uni ki so to napisali so carji :D

Slovenija na UnCyclopedia

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