Kaj je Materazzi rekel Zidanetu?


The Associated Press reports that the Parisan anti-racism organization SOS-Racism stated today that “several very well informed sources from the world of football” say Materazzi called Zidane a “dirty terrorist.” Zidane is ethnically Algerian, but grew up in Marseilles in the south of France.

Materazzi has categorically denied calling him a terrorist, but declined to elaborate on what exactly came out of his mouth. Nothing he could have said makes Zidane’s actions right, especially considering the circumstances. But at least it’s somewhat understandable, especially in the heat of competition. Sports Illustrated’s Dr. Z takes it a step further.

Torej je tole ena varjanta, da je ita. igralec rekel kapetanu francoske ekipe da je terorist.. ??e je to res, bi mu js zlomu nos, ne sam z glavo v pljuca.. bo A3e prA!lo vn kar je res, to je najbrA3 ena dosti zgodb ki bo kroA3la… alpa tudi ne :)


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