I want to win a free ipod!

i guess something strange is happening, can you see the pics or does it say that you have to login or sth? :S i put it on public.. dunno.. anyway if it asks for the password, it is ipod.. thanks for your patience

Inbox.com is giving away free iPods, movie tickets and gigabytes


3 iPods
Enjoy an iPod for music, photos, etc. We will give away one iPod 30GB and two iPod Nanos 2GB.


All you need to do is invite your friends to view your Inbox.com photo album.

* If you have more than 10 unique visitors
we will upgrade your account by adding 1GB storage.
* For the top 50 visited albums
we have prepared 100 tickets, 2 per album.
* And for the top three most visited albums,
their owners receive a free iPod.

Ok, i’m kindly requesting you ( :D ) to visit my gallery at inbox.com and give me a chance to win! \o/

Link: http://my.inbox.com/photos/nasal/index.aspx

PS: send the link to other friends, add it to your blog or go register and compete for an ipod yourself.. btw, if you register select an US or UK state, you’ll get 5gb of storage instead of 2gb planned for every other region.. i guess 5gb are hard to fill but this is a nice service, they give you a software with which you can use those 5gb as your hard drive :)

And again: http://my.inbox.com/photos/nasal/index.aspx :D


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