How I Made my First Online Sale Using Twitter

How I Made my First Online Sale Using Twitter

Some days ago (on Friday, if I remember well) I decided to try using Twitter as a money making machine, since I’ve been reading around that it has become a powerful marketing tool.

I purchased a copy of Twitter Traffic Machine since they have a 60 day money back guarantee, a cool YouTube video that really inspired me, didn’t seem too hard to implement and didn’t take too much time.

When I started using it I had around 200 followers. Today I have more than 2000, and kinda lot of them are targeted for what I wanted. I also made my first sale ever yesterday. So I basically got half of the money I spent back in just 2 days! I feel so great, really!

Since I rarely believe the screenshots people post on their sales pages, I’m giving you the proof that my followers indeed grew a lot: The stats are a bit slow to update so bare with them. Oh and yeah, for testing reasons I created another account and because I’m sooooo evil, I gave her a female nickname and photo and check her out, she got more then 2200 followers in 4 days :D

So once again I’m telling you: if you have $30 and want to try earning some money online, buy Twitter Traffic Machine and TRY implementing it! Creating an account on Twitter takes 30 seconds and doing what they explain will take you another 30 minutes of work!

And if it doesn’t work, request your money back.

Twitter Traffic Machine

Edit (05. june 2009): the second sale came in today.. I think it’s only because I set this up last week and only today checked and pimped up things. So this really works. iHappy!

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