Go ahead and Fashion Your Firefox

As you probably know, Firefox add-ons are a really cool thing. There are over 5,000 different add-ons that allow you to do everything from online shopping, listen to music, stay connected with your social network, and more, all from the comfort of your very own Firefox browser.

If you’re new to Firefox add-ons, now’s the perfect time to try some out. To make things a little easier for users new to customizing Firefox to sort through all those add-ons, we’ve built a super-simple web application called Fashion Your Firefox (fashionyourfirefox.com) that takes a collection of some of the more popular ones and groups them into categories based on how you might use the web.

For example, the “Social Butterfly” category for those that are into social networking (like those of you reading this message on Facebook), “Decorator” for those into changing their Firefox’s color or look, or “Rock Star” for those that want to listen and find new music online.

Try and it out and Fashion Your Firefox!


Got this via facebook update.

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