Get Google Voice Outside the US

Get Google Voice Outside the US

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So, after getting a Google Wave dev preview account, I also got a Google Voice invitation, which I quickly used and got myself a nice Google number: +1 (909) 20 NASAL (+1 (909) 206-2725).

Since I’m not American and Voice is only open to US citizen, I had some fun managing to get one, since they are only giving away US numbers for now and to create an account I had to add at least one phone number and it had to be US because the number has to be verified in order to have your account created.

So how did I do it? Let’s see.

1. Get Hotspot Shield: this is a free VPN connection that will give you an US ip address and make Google Think you are an US resident. You could use a proxy but I didn’t manage to find a working one so VPN was my next choice.

2. Get a free US phone number: Sipgate is your solution. In this case I signed up at instead of choosing or any other variant, since you get a local phone number and I needed an american one. So sign up there, it’s free. You get to choose your own phone number. Do it, configure your cellphone and you’re done. If you get Registration failed, try this out.

3. Activate your Google Voice account by adding your new Sipgate phone number and verifying it.

That’s it, you’re done!

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