Get $125 (maybe more) of free Facebook ads

Get $125 (maybe more) of free Facebook ads

If you ever wanted to try Facebook ads, now it’s the time. I’ve tried them and it’s amazing how many clicks you can get in a very short amount of time.. You can target over 100.000.000 users of any age or target your advertisements to specific countries, ages, sex or everything else..

So, here you have a coupon that will give you $25 if you have a new ads account:

To get another $100 of free ads you must search for the application Visa Business (use the search tool in the upper right corner of facebook) and add it to your profile. They will give you the bonus.

Try using this coupon as well, it worked for me some days ago: EXEX-4P47-38JX-4W20

To use these coupons go to: Ads manager > Billing > Funding sources > Enter coupon code (on the right)


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