Eurovizija: zmagovalec?

Kot sm si pri??akoval in reku pred 3 posti: zmagali so Lordi! \o/

Go Finland! :D

But if you thought that rocked, you ain’t seen nothing yet. It’s the turn of Lordi, the monstrous hard rockers from Finland. The eponymous lead singer Mr. Lordi has miniature skulls on his kneecaps whose eyes light up red, his microphone is attached to the handle of a battleaxe and he has devil horns protruding from his head. It’s not exactly Abba. Despite their frightening appearance, there’s something really likeable about the group and the crowd really warm to them… and are warmed by them! There’s so much fire on stage, the temperature in the arena rises several degrees.

Ve?? o Evroviziji tukaj.

Pa A!e mal heca, A3e ki smo pri hecnih zadevah:
- malo o temperaturi na Finskem,
- kako zgleda zmrznjen pekel (hell freezes over),
- graf temperature v peklu.

KakA!ni zgledajo Lordi zares?

Pa A!e muvi?? iz Evrosonga, da ne bo tako pusto vse skupaj :)

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