Easy earning with BackLinks.com

What is BackLinks.com?
Buy, sell or trade links with BackLinks.com and make money when you just put links on your website. This is similar to Text-Link-Ads but there is also possible to trade links. The payments are sent via Paypal right now and the rates for links are clearly explained in the FAQ section. You get paid depending on what PR you have and if you put links on homepage or inner pages.

PageRank (PR) 1 homepage $.50 , subpage $.50
PageRank (PR) 2 homepage $1 , subpage $1
PageRank (PR) 3 homepage $2 , subpage $1.50
PageRank (PR) 4 homepage $3 , subpage $2
PageRank (PR) 5 homepage $4.50 , subpage $3.50
PageRank (PR) 6 homepage $12.50 , subpage $10
PageRank (PR) 7 homepage $30 , subpage $25
PageRank (PR) 8 homepage $75 , subpage $50

So if you have a page with PR3 you get 2$ for every link displayed on the first page and 1.5$ for any link displayed in a sub page. And the nice thing is there is NO limit to the number of sites you add, so if you add 10 sites with PR1 you can still make quite some money (if every page sells 5 links you get 5* $.50 = $2.5 * 10 = $25)!

BackLinks.com also has an interesting referral program: whenever any of your referral earns $5, you get $25 in your account. If you refer an advertiser, you get 100$ for every 50$ he spends.

I’m using this for the last two months and earned $10. It’s not much, but it is a start right?

Register now as my referral! If you do, I can return the favor by registering as your referral or by putting a banner (or link) pointing to your site in my sidebar for one month.

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