Coldplay ft. Kylie Minogue – Lhuna

Coldplay ft. Kylie Minogue – Lhuna

The great music band which I love the most, Coldplay, made a song featuring Kylie Minogues‘ sexy voice for (RED)WIRE. As each of their song, this one is great.

About (RED)WIRE:
Today, World AIDS Day, MSN is celebrating the launch of (RED)WIRE, (RED)’s new digital music magazine designed to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. Some of the greatest artists on earth have contributed amazing songs to (RED)WIRE. Enjoy these world premieres throughout the day and sign up for (RED)WIRE for so much more.

Along Coldplay, we can listen to new songs of U2, The Killers, Sheryl Crow and many other great bands.

Check out (RED)WIRE here.

Read the lyric on Zapoj Me!

Listen to the song:

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