Back from mountain

So here i am, back from unannounced vacation on the Slovenian hills, ok, mountain or sth, right under the Triglav..

We had snow but it was hot, we were in t-shirts or very thin shirts and it wasn’t cold at all..

I had a lot of fun :D the “crew” was great, only great ppl with which i joked all the week :D i rested indeed, like 12h of sleep per day :D

The shots will come soon, have to wait for the others to come back, i came 1 day before… so tomorrow evening i guess there’ll be some of the shots i took :D

Btw, if you have the chance download this song: ??o ????????? – ????o ?!??c?a :D It rocks! (thanks to migel for sending it! :*)

Edit: here’s the song!

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