90% Affiliate Commission throughout January!

90% Affiliate Commission throughout January!

This is the new year gift that we got from OIO Publisher. When somebody buys this wonderful plugin, the affiliate gets 90%!

For those who don’t know, OIO Publisher is a plugin (fully compatible with WordPress) that manages the ad space on your site, without the need of having a middle man (someone who sells advertisements for you). This means you keep 100% of the money.

OIO Publisher is also great because it has a marketplace within the site that helps you selling your ads, by sorting your site into the right category.

Take control of your ad space with OIO Publisher, its simple to set up and easy to earn. Don’t miss out earning 90 % of commission all of this month. Even with less traffic to your blog you could make the money worth the plugin in less than a month if you place it well on your blog.

Download OIO Publisher today and make recurring passive income for life.


PS. you can buy ads on this blog thanks to this plugin.

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